Strength is Our Hobby! For a Clean Environment... We are strong!

Raw Materials

Renksan Group increased the recylced materials that used in production process to reach 18,000 ton anual recycled materials. By this we were able to deliver best packing prices for our customer and an environmental friendly products.

Production Lines

FLOPPY has specially designed the machine park of the roll trash bags that it has produced according to the product specifications. This precision in production increases the competitive power between the other competing companies in the sector and improves product quality positively It affects. It has taken its place among the leading companies producing in Turkey with FLOPPY brand.

Edge Of Innovation

Creativity has no limit, Renksan group successfully innovate one of the most trending trash bags worldwide “Floppy Drawstring Trash Bag” has drawstring to prevent the bad odours and spilling of trash. Can be used at home, workplaces, restaurants, hospitals and all hygiene required places. Waterproof. Super durable.




As we always seek to provide our customers with all kinds of cleaning products they need, today, we are so pleased to introduce our new products “ Floppy Toilet Paper” that will be avai...


Job Application for Floppy

We are looking for Regional Export Executive to join our marketing and sales team. Job Descriptions...


Renksan Group Social Activities

Part of Renksan Group social activities, a football game were made for player aged over 40 years old, including teams from Turkey, Bosnia, Kosovo. Renksan Group A friendly Touch everywhere...